The Chairman’s Address


[dropcap font=”verdana” fontsize=”50″]I[/dropcap]am very honoured to be appointed as the first Chairman of the International Green Training Centre Sdn Bhd. Indeed, the IGTC as it popularly known has huge responsibilities and a prominent role to play not just in Melaka but in Malaysia and within the region of southern Thailand and Indonesia. Green technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in this part of the world and the time is right for capacity building and training of personnel both in the public and private sector. We cannot afford to be complacent as global market forces are fast deciding that they will only support businesses, products, services and goods which have sustainable methods and production and come at low or minimal cost to the environment. Therefore, we must do the necessary by preparing our people to be fully equipped with the right knowledge to face such challenges head-on.


[dropcap font=”verdana” fontsize=”50″]I[/dropcap] believe the platform of the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle or IMT-GT on which the IGTC is founded on will benefit the people and governments of this region and contribute valuable services that will reap tangible and intangible results. The company is based in the State of Melaka in Malaysia which makes it geographically strategic to its potential clients and I am also proud to mention that Melaka is a state which has been in the forefront where the promotion of green technology is concerned. We are the first and only state to build and operate a 5MW solar farm within the Alor Gajah World Valley and the first state to launch a Green Technology Blueprint that will guide us till 2020. These are just 2 of the many firsts that our state has achieved and for this, I believe the IGTC has set down roots in the right place.


[dropcap font=”verdana” fontsize=”50″]I[/dropcap] pray that you will support our organization and give us the chance to bring about positive changes within your businesses, your communities and eventually to your country.

Waalaikumsalam warahmahtullahhiwabarakatuh.   

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